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At 22/15z, TROPICAL LOW 18_ATL_WRI was centered near 10.8N 17.8W, (approximately 230nm south-southwest from Dakar), MOVING W'WARD AT 16KTS, with maximum winds 020-030kts.

System has POTENTIAL to be CLASSIFIED as a TROPICAL DEPRESSION or TROPICAL STORM within the NEXT 1-2 days. WRI will continue to monitor and keep you updated on the progress.

Latest satellite Imagery of Tropical Low 18 displays a lower level circulation, with showers/squalls beginning to wrap into the center, however, dry air is infiltrating the system currently.

Tropical Low 18 is expected to continue to generally move WNW'ward over the next 72 hours. Tropical Low 18 is expected to move into an environment more conducive for slow development of this system characterized by warm sea surface temperatures and light upper level winds, devoid of the dry Saharan air. However, this dry air will inhibit any rapid intensification of the system through the next 72 hours.

Once system completely moves over open waters, Tropical Low is likely to be officially classified within next 24-48 hours.

WRI will continue to monitor Tropical Low 18 and advised of any changes.

Forecast Positions Max Winds Gale Radius (nm)
Time (UTC) Lat / Lon (Knots) NE SE SW NW
09/22 15z 10.8N 17.8W 20 GUST 30 0 0 0 0
09/23 00z 11N 20.2W 25 GUST 35 0 0 0 0
09/23 12z 11.3N 23.1W 25 GUST 35 0 0 0 0
09/24 00z 11.6N 25.5W 30 GUST 40 0 0 0 0
09/24 12z 12.7N 28.2W 35 GUST 45 60 60 0 60
09/25 12z 14.1N 34W 40 GUST 50 60 60 0 90